Animal Lovers Built This Bridge Specifically For Squirrels, And It’s Saving Lives

2014년 6월 22일

There’s a place in Longview, Washington, where hundreds of squirrels have been killed by passing cars over the years. Normally, concerned citizens would tie a rope across the road to allow squirrels to cross that way.

One man, however, decided that no simple rope would do, so he pulled out all the stops to create something awesome for the squirrelly travelers.

The bridge helps squirrels move between an office building and a city park across the street.



It was constructed by Amos J. Peters, who owns a contracting firm.



Stretching over 60 feet, it’s actually been in service since 1963, despite undergoing numerous repairs and slight relocations. In 2014, the bridge was even listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


Oddly enough, officials in Longview have been so inspired by the success of this bridge that they’ve installed four more. That’s what I call a squirrel-friendly city!


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